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Hey there ya'll! Happy New Year! Yeah, I know it's February but the year has officially began for me. Last year was a blast, filled with new adventures and realized dreams. After the holidays and my birthday sabbatical, I'm back to work and ready to take 2024 by storm. So, what do I have on my calendar this year??? First off, gotta lose this weight! Let's say , twenty-five pounds by year's end! You think I can do it?

Secondly, I'll be continuing my weekly bible study, Women in the Word, every Thursday at 7pm on Clubhouse (Join us by following "Wisdom for Life"). I'll be hosting The Couture Theater in Paris for the second year as well as releasing a book. I'm working on adding Content Creator and Fashion Influencer to my resume. I'm going to make that happen this year. What are your plans? Are you in "GO" mode? I refuse to end this year with certain things still on my "TO-DO" list.

Ok, I've ranted enough. Until next time...

Love Always,

The Jones Girl


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