Wearing the Hat

Growing up, I loved my mother’s style. She had the ability to wear ANYTHING and pull it off glamorously and effortlessly. She was known for her outlandish hat collection and became a crowd favorite among church goers and community leaders.

I would find myself mimicking her every move. From the way she spoke, to her stern glance, and even her flippant hand on hip became my signature go-to’s as little girl. As I started to grow, I began to develop my own sense of style. My own way of thinking, standing, and even believing. I struggled for years to find my own voice, my own style. While I have always been proud of being my mother's daughter, I couldn't rob the world of my uniqueness. It's scary at times trying to blaze my own trail. It was easier to wear mommy's hats and play in her shoes. But now it's time to break in my own shoes and wear hats that were designed for my own head. I am well able.

Love Always,

The Jones Girl

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