The Simple Things

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

So I woke up and had NO plan for today’s shoot! Well maybe a little plan. I pulled out tons of clothes from my closet, gathered nothing comprehensively creative and then realized “Aunt Flo“ had arrived and I couldn’t fit anything anyway.

So instead of collapsing, I went with simplicity. I grabbed my large “no form” accordion black dress from Express and my headscarf from H&M and headed outside to shoot in the 100 degree South Florida heat and enjoy the simple things.

I enjoy the simple things like riding down the street, enjoying the sites. No destination in mind, just riding.

I enjoy afternoon matinees with my Popcorn, M&M’s and slurpee!

I enjoy sitting in Pei Wei, eating crab wontons and listening to inspirational messages on YouTube.

Ahhh! The simple life. Now back to bed I go. 🛏💤😴

Love Always,

The Jones Girl

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