If you’re like me, you look a good mixed print ensemble! Mix up some animal print, stripes and color and I’m a happy girl! Mixture is all good when it comes to fashion, but some mixture can be dangerous!

The mixture that I’m referring to spiritual mixture. Lately, Holy Spirit has impressed on me an urgency to teach about the mixtures of faith. Much of the moral collapses that we see among believers are a direct result of mixture. For example, I’ve seen more Christians burning sage, “manifesting”, incorporating “African” spirituality than I‘d care to admit. Our devotion to Jesus Christ has now become divided. We say we have a relationship with God but are involved in practices such as reiki and yoga, which both promote alternative spiritual practices. I go in detail during my teaching series on Clubhouse in the “Wisdom for Life” room. Click here to listen. Join me this Thursday at 7pm for Part 2! See you on the blog next Wednesday!

Love Always,

The Jones Girl