“The Blues”

Ever had “The Blues”? This past year has been filled with the blues for many. I’ve been to more funerals in the past year than I care to count and found myself in a bit of a funk. One night, while feeling particularly low, I sent a text to my siblings, letting them know how I was feeling physically and emotionally. Of course, they all started calling. The first call came from my brother Canton, who sat on the phone with me for a while, encouraging me and praying for me. I know how hectic his schedule is, but he assured me that he would stay on the phone with me as long as I needed him. My other siblings followed suit. I said all that to highlight a few things:

  1. Reach out to people when you need them. Sometimes we stew in our situations and become offended when people don't check on you or reach out to you. It's ok to reach out to people and let them know you need them. I know vulnerability can be scary, but we were never meant to walk through life alone. Pray for people to come into your life that you can trust.

  2. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Many times, we can become so inundated with all the pressures of life that it causes us to focus on everything that is going wrong. We amplify what we concentrate on. Shift your focus. Something good is happening for you, in you, and to you! If we could only perceive it! Mark 4:18-20 (You can actually start and verse 4)

I am so thankful that God has given me a new perspective of the blues! Enjoy the storyboard that was inspired by God's beauty and creativity.

Love Always,

The Jones Girl

This ensemble was inspired by my mom. The jacket is hers from maybe 1995 or so. She kept her clothes up so well! I paired the jacket with this folksy inspired skirt. My god sister Catrena bought this gem for me at the Seattle Folk Festival (I think that's what it's called!) The boots and beaded bag belonged to my mom as well. As you can tell, she is where I get my style.

I found this top and belt for a few bucks a the thrift store. The high-waisted palazzo pants were purchased years ago and so were the Zara multi-colored sandal heels.

So, here's the thing: YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND A BUNDLE TO BE STYLISH! I bought this little blue plaid dress from Rainbow ya'll! And it was on the sale rack! The turtle neck is Old Navy (had this for years). These black suede boots were purchased at the thrift store for a whopping $10! I purchased the jacket from Zara in London, ON SALE!

Okay. I thought I'd try blue lipstick. LOL!

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