Strange Fruit: The Auction Block

Imagine going about your life as freely and as normal as you've always known. Imagine being home with your family laughing, dancing, eating, living. Imagine strangers invading your home and separating you from the ones you love. Imagine not knowing where they took your children or even if your children are still alive. They are speaking a language that you don't understand and binding you with chains. Striking violently at your resistance. Imagine being loaded on a ship, packed so tightly against others that it's almost impossible to breathe. Imagine being chained to decomposing bodies and being defecated on for months on end. Imagine being engulfed with a stench so raw you could choke. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine arriving to an unfamiliar shore and being place on an auction block to be sold off to the highest bidder? Imagine being raped and beaten repeatedly as your physical body is worn down to its tendons. Can you even imagine?

Imagine waking up saying, "Enough is enough!" Imagine breaking the chains of slavery, discrimination, and disenfranchisement! Imagine every systemic power that tried to keep you back, dismantling right before your eyes. Imagine realizing that the GREATER ONE was on the inside of you! Imagine overcoming. Imagine being protected. Imagine a level playing field. Just imagine? Do you see it? Can you smell the sweet aroma of justice, equality and recompense? I do. I see it. I smell it. I can even taste it. We're off the auction block! A change has finally come. #JUSTICE #MYGODISTHEGODOFJUSTICE

Love Always,

The Jones Girl