Quarantine Sunday!

Okay soooooo, today I had the greatest adventure as I “iChurched” from my bedside this morning! I went from Charlotte (Pastor Steven Furtick) to Atlanta (Pastor Canton Jones) to Oklahoma (Pastor Michael Todd) and ended up in Seattle (Pastor Ramon Hampton)! It meant the world to me and I’m sure God was proud as people worshipped in the midst of hardship! The worship was authentic this morning. After church, I felt prompted to read Isaiah Chapter 30. Here’s what I found:

1. The People of God we’re going to other sources, other than God to find help. 2. God was not happy about His chosen people going to another source (Egypt) to find help. He promised them that they would find no relief in doing so.

3. God gave them the remedy: Return to Him and rest and they would be saved. If they would quiet themselves and trust Him, he would be their strength. (Isaiah 30:15; 18-23)

So, what am I saying to you???? In the midst of what seems like times of calamity and uncertainty, LOOK TO GOD! He wants you to rest in him. He has a solution for every one of our issues. Even this Coronavirus!

Rest in God! He has us. Only believe!

Love Always,

The Jones Girl

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