Life on the Runway Recap!

The Jones Girl production of "Life on the Runway" was nothing short of amazing! This year's theme, "Dimensions of Human Emotion", recounted my emotional roller coaster over the past 7 years of my life. Here's the recap:


Having lost both my parents, my son and my marriage over the course of seven years, I found myself in a depressed state at times. It seemed as if I was barely recovering from one thing, only to have another devastation knock me to my knees. But the point has always been to get up and continue walking.

"Though she walks through the valley of the shadow of death, she fears no evil. Through betrayal, disappointment, and discouragement, God is with her." -Psalms 23



Imagine betrayal. At the pit of that betrayal are embers being aroused by painful memories. I felt that. But even in moments where I felt like my rage peaked, my Help was present. Knocked down but not out. I stood up and continued to walk.

"She wanted to respond, but knew her reaction would not produce anything profitable. The embers kindled and the smoke flared, but she DID NOT sin." -Excerpt from Ephesians 4:26



One day I was awaken to better. While there was chaos all around, I found joy and inner peace in knowing that I had not been overtaken. I have joy based on what I knew to be true. I knew God was with me. I knew he would help me. I KNEW He would heal me! He gave me reasons to smile!


I had to learn contentment. I learned to be satisfied in whatever state I was presently placed. I could not pull validation from who I was connected to, whose daughter I was, or who I was once married to. My contentment came from knowing that I have a purpose. There was something special God had in mind when he formed me. I can rest knowing that His plans for me will prevail regardless.

"Godliness with contentment is great gain."- 1 Timothy 6:6



I live vibrantly because I'm WINNING! God causes me to triumph over everything that attempted to tear me down. If you are reading this, triumph awaits you too! Just keep walking.

"Strength and Honor are her clothing. Her priestly garments pronounce the treasures within her. She's adorned in victory." -Excerpt Proverbs 31


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