Meet Designer Natalia Makejeva

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

This new design sensation is a recent graduate of the Art Institute and was featured during Miami Fashion Week and Life on the Runway 2018! Photo Credit: Jodny Francois

Natalia Makejeva is a Lituanian-born designer graduated from the Miami Fashion Institute in Downtown Miami.  Her graduate collection was selected for Miami Fashion Week 2018 runway.

Natalia's style reflects her European roots.  Living and traveling in multiple European cities exposed her to multiculturalism, history, and architecture. High-end fabrics, attention to details, and innovation go hand-in-hand with her meticulous research.  In her designs, she combines feminism with edginess and modernism.  She believes that "unique simplicity" exists, meaning, the silhouette of the garment can be simple, but there is always something unique about her approach.   








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