Happy New Year To You and Happy Birthday To Me!

A new year and a new decade is upon me! I’m officially in the 40/40 club! I was warned not to share my age (supposedly, it’s considered a ”social construct” or whatever…), but I’m proud of my age! Honestly, I think I look fantastic! But beyond that, I have forty years of life experiences, lessons learned, failures, triumphs, heart breaks and overcoming under my belt. I have another forty years of dreams to be realized as well!

I’m looking forward to this being my most healthy, prosperous, and productive decade so far! I’ve already started stepping outside of my comfort zone in 2021 by launching into a long-desired new career, stepping into ministry on Clubhouse (follow me @thejonesgirl or just follow “Wisdom for Life”), and establishing ways to reinvent myself.

This year, my focus is FORWARD! Everything has to lend to growth, whether mine or those around me. I’m being intentional on serving those around me and providing aid that makes people better. This is going to be an exciting decade! Cheers to forward movement and years of the blessing!

Love Always,

The Jones Girl