Fringe Benefits: My New Heart

It happened. Miraculously. It happened. I received a heart transplant. No doctors, insurance, no rehabilitation time. I just woke up new. Let's back up a bit.

I had been praying constantly for God to heal my broken heart. I'd endured the heartbreak embarrassment, and betrayal of divorce and couldn't seem to put the pieces together. After all that I'd lost, I think losing my marriage was the worst of all. It was the course of repetitive death. One that played out in public. I started to wonder, "How do I bury something that had no funeral? How can I proceed in purpose when I've failed at one of the most important callings in my life?" Surely, I could never minister hope to anyone if I don't have the perfect storyboard! Lies...

One of the things that helped me was to start praying for other people in my same position. If needed, I would even take phone calls and hear the hearts of women who were experiencing the same brokenness and encourage them. Needless to say, many times, I was encouraging myself as well. There came a day when I had to acknowledge my own wrong and repent for what I had done. I had the treat God's word as if it were true. All of it. The "Love my enemies-turn the other cheek- don't repay evil for evil" part too! Then one day, while vacationing in London, I was told to read Ezekiel 36:22-38 (Yes, I'm making you pick up your bible and read it! LOL!).

I found out that God wasn't just healing broken hearts, he was giving out new ones. So that became my prayer. Just about everyday for months, Ezekiel 36 was pouring from my lips. Sometimes, tearfully. Sometimes, desperately. But then it happened. I woke up one day and was different. The pain and shame of my past, although I could remember it, no longer registered in my heart! I'm prayerful and watchful over this new heart to not allow any offenses, unforgiveness and past issues to cause corrosion in my new vessel. One of the great #FRINGEBENEFITS of knowing God is that he gives new hearts (and other body parts too!)

Fashionably Yours,

The Jones Girl

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