I’m just feeling all types of AH-MA-ZING! The Spirit of Freedom and Liberty (Holy Spirit) that I’m experiencing. Keep reading...

Have you ever been in a dark space for so long that you never thought you’d emerge??? Well, I have! And let me tell you, it’s NO FUN! But it’s something about finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Smiling...FOR REAL!😀.

Here are several things that helped me through:

1.) I have the most AMAZINGLY strong and Godly friends! They are God-sent! They would pray over me with the Word of God when I couldn’t pray or fight for myself. They never made me feel guilty for needing to talk or cry or pray or...whatever! Get you some!

2.) The Word of God. Even if I couldn’t read it at times, I would turn on YouTube and search for books of the Bible and let the Word play. There is LIFE in the Word of God. Even if I didn’t feel it right then, the Word (Sword) was cutting through all the mess and doing surgery on my soul.

3.) FASTING & PRAYER. If you ever want to see the enemy run from you in terror, push your plate aside. For the longest time, I struggled to complete a fast. It seemed impossible to even go a few hours with no food, locked into God. If you’re struggling with this, ask Holy Spirit for help. He will help you!

I hope this helps you!

*Aside: While I love fashion curating, my main objective is to inspire my readers and to point you to the source of my joy which is Christ!

Love Always,

Keiera Jones Weaver

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