Coronavirus and Couture

I, like many of you are sitting home. Some bored and twiddling your fingers. Others are taking the much needed rest you secretly desired. And there are some who are strategizing for their next step. Well...I’m honestly in and out of all three. As a creative, here are a few things I’ve set my heart on during this quarantine:

1. Quiet time and prayer. Connecting with God, the ultimate creative, is the best start to anyone’s day. He is the ONLY one with answers for me during such a tumultuous time. He gives me peace when there is hysteria all around.

2. Serve. I have people that I’ve been assigned to serve during this time. I have to remain committed to serving the needs of others so that I am not self-absorbed. How can you serve someone (even during a quarantine)? Make that phone call, encourage someone! There’s something you can do to connect and serve others.

3. Create. I’m asking God to help me be creative during this time. I hadn’t been able to blog as much because of my work schedule. So now that I’m home, I’ll be writing more. Check it out.

4. Remain optimistic. This basically comes from my #1. I choose to trust God and His Word! PERIOD!!! He is with me!

Let’s get with God and strategize!!!!

Love Always,

The Jones Girl

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