Brown Skin Girls!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Beyonce’s new tune “Brown Skin Girl” has me like...


To my fellow Brown Girls,

I‘m proud of you! You've endured being ignored by the mainstream while being told (either subliminally or blatantly) that our dark skin wasn't beautiful. As a result, some of our sisters succumbed to the pressure and bleached their beautiful skin. I don't judge them. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted.

Brown Girl, I'm proud of you for demanding your place in this world. For setting the standard for beauty and maintaining it. I'm proud of you for not being bitter, but allowing disparaging circumstances to be your footstool. I love how you serve and I love how you lead. The world is now recognizing what has been true from the beginning of time...BROWN GIRLS ARE A FORCE!


Love Always,

The Jones Girl

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